Last Days

Writing and etymology in Korean
末 (말) – end, last
世 (세) – era, period

The history of humanity is the history of a providential restoration, in which the Heavenly Parent intends to save people who are in ignorance and to restore the original world of goodness.

All people have one thing in common – the original mind that seeks to walk the path of good and rejects evil. But people’s understanding of goodness and the way to achieve it varies according to place, time, and their personal views. This also multiplies the conflicts.

Throughout history, in which good and evil are gradually separated, may be compared to muddy water, where the mud sinks to the bottom and the clear water rises to the top. Eventually, the water and the mud are completely separated from each other. Likewise, with the passage of time, the evil sovereignty slowly sinks to destruction while the good sovereignty gradually ascends on the path of prosperity.

Eventually, the paths of evil and good will intersect, and after some time, evil will sink into oblivion forever, while good will remain and exist forever.

Looking at the limited period, it may seem that evil will prevail, but at last, no doubt, it will either be destroyed or swallowed up by the sphere closer to good.

The providence of the new age does not begin after the final annihilation of the old one; it originates and develops in the final stages of the latter and comes into conflict with it. It is not easy for a person who has absorbed the old traditions to understand or accept the new. This is why the saints and sages leading the dispensation of a new age were often persecuted and martyred as victims of the old age.

People living in times of change suffer spiritually, experiencing internal restlessness, terror, chaos because there is as yet no clear ideology or philosophy to guide them. At the same time, they are not devoid of external fears, for in this period there are conflicts and wars.

We people living today are witnessing great change. We should not be strongly attached to conventional concepts. To find the new truth that will lead us into the new age, we must strive for the absolute good that our original mind seeks.