Common goal

Writing and etymology in Korean
공통 목표
[gongtong mogpyo]
共通 目標
共 (공) [gong] – common; together
通 (통) [tong] – pass through
目 (목) [mog] – eye
標 (표) [pyo] – mark, symbol, label, sign

What attracts the Creator so much in a person? We certainly need Him, and He definitely needs us, so there must be some common goal, otherwise there will be no unity. It is important to know about the existence of God, but it is even more important to know the purpose of the relationship between God and man.

We cannot deny that there is a conflict between the body and soul of a person. Where can I find a cure for this? There should have been a unity between human and God, but somehow human separated himself and gradually lost touch with Him.

Human being has deviated from his original state, and thus has failed to achieve perfection. The struggle that we experience due to contradictions in ourselves is the result of degradation, but the Creator lives in a different state, in a state of perfection. It was from this point that two worlds began to exist instead of one.

The world of good is controlled by God, and the world of evil is the result of human degradation. Knowing this, we can see how throughout history the Creator has made efforts to restore the upside down world.

What is good? Any attempts to bring a person and the world to perfection are good. People are in the dark regarding the definition of good.

Goodness comes from love. Love, inherent in the foundation of each of the religions, is the common goal that unites God and human. In the Creator’s search for good people, love is His eternal goal. Human seeks God for the same reason. Based on love as a common goal, human and God must achieve unity.