Sibling relationships

Writing and etymology in Korean
형제 관계
[hyeongje gwangye]
兄 (형) [hyeong] - older brother (for a man)
弟 (제) [je] - younger brother
關 (관) [kwan] - attitude
係 (계) [gye] - relation

For people, the most precious things are their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, spouses and parents. We will not reach perfection in love until we follow the paths of child, brother or sister, spouse and parent in sequence.

Why should siblings care for one another? Sibling relationships extend love horizontally, so to love siblings is to love the world. The idea of the equality of all people originates in the ideal of loving all brothers and sisters.

What if parents have only one son or one daughter? A son needs an older brother and sister, and a daughter also needs an older brother and sister. They should also have younger siblings. Children should have both older and younger siblings.

Only love between siblings can expand love in a family and take it to the next level. If we embrace the whole world with love for humanity and for brothers and sisters, everything together will form a perfect sphere. When this happens, no more conflict can lead to trouble.

In expanded form, the concept of brothers and sisters includes the peoples of the world. The love of brothers and sisters is connected to the love of the full world. A family with many brothers and sisters is the model required to create a perfect world.

The love of brothers and sisters is an example of love for all people.