Fraternal-sisterly shimjeong

Writing and etymology in Korean
형제 자매의 심정
[hyeongje jamaeui shimjung]
兄弟 (형제) [hyeongje] – brother
姊妹 (자매) [jamae] – sister
心情 (심정) [shimjeong] – shimjeong

Love between siblings can go beyond family love. This is precisely what we call brotherly love for all mankind. An older brother and younger sister cannot love each other on their own. The center of their relationship must be their parents.

By loving siblings, you gain the ability to love your father and mother. Brothers and sisters are needed so that we can become masters of love, capable of loving unashamedly.

A brother, looking at his younger or older sister, begins to realize, “That’s how our mother was when she was growing up!” In the same way, a sister, watching the antics of her older or younger brother, can learn how her father grew up. That’s what love between siblings is all about.

Love between siblings is based on their unity with their parents. In this case, the children will develop and grow together.

Fathers and mothers like it when children treat each other with the same warmth.

If there are many siblings in the family, it happens that the two have to eat from the same plate. In this case, quarrels between them because of a single plate does not occur. Life in a family with many children is difficult, but if the brothers and sisters have loving hearts, if the youngest says, “I’d rather not eat myself, but give my portion to my older sister,” and the older thinks, “I’d rather stay hungry, but feed my little brother,” there is a lot of good in such a life.