Writing and etymology in Korean
尊 (존) – to respect; revere
敬 (경) – respect, honor

Respect is one of the important components of personality and human relationships.

It is necessary to be a person who can respect himself as a person and love himself as the temple of God, which is what we are.

Confucius said: “To respect every man as himself, and to do unto him as we wish to be done unto us, there is nothing higher than this.”

To truly love the world, you must first love those around you. When you meet people who are old, like your grandparents, respect and honor them as your own grandparents. When you meet people your parentsage, love them as your own father and mother. Moreover, respect all men and women in the world as you respect your husband or wife, and love all children as you love your own children.

Freedom exists where everyone lives for others and respects others. If we live for others, we also become free. The more freedom we have, the more important it is to maintain discipline and respect for law and order.

If you have experienced the joy of living for the sake of others, you will not forget it for the rest of your life. You need concrete achievements and results worthy of respect. Then, over time, more and more people will respect you.