Sphere of shimjeong

Writing and etymology in Korean
心情 (심정) – shimjeong (heart)
圈 (권) – sphere

All objects of creation are basically spherical – atoms, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, stars, etc. The starting point for the growth of a plant is a seed, and the starting point for the birth of an animal is an egg. Both are basically spherical. When objects of creation are brought into motion, they move in a circular or spherical trajectory, reflecting the cyclical and harmonious nature of the action of giving and receiving in the Creator.

People must build relationships of parent and child, husband and wife, and older and younger siblings. All three of these kinds of relationships come together at one central point. So, top, bottom, right and left sides, front, rear, and center point represent seven positions. In a friendly and harmonious family, these seven positions form a perfect sphere, and then there is a family whose elements are all united in perfect true love.

In the sphere of the Heart, there are vertical and horizontal relationships, as well as right and left side relationships. From infancy until we enter adulthood, we grow in our parents’ love – vertical love. Then comes the time to embody marital love – mutual horizontal love. Thus, we enter the joined sphere of love.

Husband and wife unite with each other as right and left sides; then the relationship of parents and children, or top and down, is established. Only in this way can the vertical and the horizontal be united, and a spherical world be created that corresponds to the ideal of the Universe. Moreover, the sphere becomes perfect if brothers and sisters are added to this structure.

Similarly, when parents live for their children and children live for their parents, they form a circular movement. The more they live for each other, the more this movement accelerates. It is an ideal form, a spatial sphere. Each family member adds his or her energy to the pot, so the more we live for others, the more dynamic our circular rotation becomes. The family creates a sphere that can go on spinning forever.