Shimjeong of the child

Writing and etymology in Korean
자녀의 심정
[janyeoui simjung]
子女 (자녀) [janyeo] – children
心情 (심정) [shimjeong] – simjung (heart)

All of a child’s desires are directly related to its subject. An infant needs no one but his mother. It is its main desire and aspiration. He thinks solely of her. His life, his consciousness and feelings are all centered on his mother. Even when he switches to oatmeal, the child always remembers that he has a mother who nursed him. In this sense, you have to keep a grateful baby’s heart forever. And then, even when you are alone, you will feel the affectionate embrace of your mother or father.

If a child tries not to remain indebted to his parents, they feel that their labor was not in vain.

The value of a respectful child is that he honors his parents with unwavering love in childhood, adulthood, and old age. That is the shimjeong of the respectful child.

Children should honor their parents for their love and care. When there was not enough food in the family, your parents would feed you, even if they themselves walked around with an empty stomach. That is the extent to which your parents love you.

A person has to pay back the debt he has incurred while he accepted love from his parents. Even if your parents have fallen into senile senility in their old age, you should take care of them despite the difficulties.