Writing and etymology in Korean
勝 (승) – win
利 (리) – profit, benefit

Victory or defeat is not determined by decades, but by a single moment. Look at your life, it took you a little time to be born. Of course, birth is preceded by an intrauterine period, but the nine months in the womb are the preparation for the moment of birth. No matter how well all nine months of preparation go, if the child cannot survive the crucial moment, his fate will be tragic.

If you are prepared to die, you will not die, and victory will be yours. First, you must have the determination to forget yourself.

The Heavenly Parent acts through one virtuous man to subdue ten evil men. He desires that evil submit willingly. When evil absolutely and unconditionally submits to good, that is the real victory. This is why God requires us to overcome such hardships that even evil men feel sorry for us. He looks for sons and daughters whose determination to triumph is so strong that they can bend the side of evil to obey the side of good.

We must be determined to face and overcome difficulties. We will continue to suffer defeat for a long time until we begin to reckon with circumstances and be able to stand our way through everything. The question is how to endure and win everything.

We need to understand that even in a situation of extreme hopelessness and severe anguish, victory will come to those who hold on to God and move forward with faith that even in such a situation the Heavenly Parent will not lose hope and will not give up his spirit.