Writing and etymology in Korean
均 (균) [kyun] - equal
衡 (형) [hyeong] - level, horizontal

On closer examination, we see that our world is created according to a paired system. In the realm of relationships, everything, without exception, exists in pairs. In these pairs, the subject and the object must be balanced with each other. When it is fully balanced, that is, it has created a balanced basis for following the path of love, the whole world will become even and smooth for them.

The constant action of giving, balanced by the constant reciprocal force, the force of receiving, creates an eternal balance. Therefore, a world based on true love, in which one lives for the good of others, arises from the action of giving and receiving.

Man gets sick when the balance is broken – for example, when giving is there, but receiving is not. In general, any beings involved in a movement must follow the principle of living for each other. Otherwise, they cannot continue to exist.

The lack of air in the low-pressure area is made up for by the influx of air from the high-pressure area. Water on high automatically flows downward and fills the cavities. The essence of the ideal is balance. Like the natural world, the human world must achieve balance and harmony.

Today, someone is trying to unify the world through economic power. People try to make the world unified by achieving a balance of power through political influence, cultural exchange, economics, knowledge and power. This is all wrong. The main plan to unify the world, which encapsulates all history, is based on true love. There is a direction in which history must move, but economic power cannot achieve unity. It can only be done by love.