Universal order

Writing and etymology in Korean
우주의 질서
[ujuui jilseo]
宇宙 (우주) [uju] – Universe
秩序 (질서) [jilseo] – order

The deeper you grasp the truth, the more you discover orderly activities subject to eternal laws. The vast universe is strictly ordered and formed according to clear formulas and principles. With this in mind, we see that these laws could not have arisen by chance. Each of these laws can be traced back to a primary source.

The laws under which the sun, moon, and stars were created-the laws of Heaven-establish a system of vertical order. Likewise, there is a vertical order in the family, going from grandparents to parents and children, and a horizontal order between siblings. Thus, the laws of Heaven are fully consistent with the values and norms of family life.

Can people enjoy freedom by disregarding the social order? No, because social order exists for the good of man. Freedom unconstrained by laws and orders brings only destruction.

Society needs laws because people need a social order consistent with an untainted conscience. Where, then, do human laws originate? The basis for them is heavenly law.

The more freedom we have, the more important it is to maintain discipline and respect for law and order.