Writing and etymology in Korean
獨創 (독창) - create everything yourself, innovate
性 (성) - nature, characteristic

We often talk about what is genuine and what is false. A genuine object has unique properties, while a fake object, which may resemble the genuine one, will lack some essential qualities.

Consider, for example, jewelry. People value gold because it does not change, retaining its distinctive color. Nothing can compare to the hardness of diamonds, and the play of even the finest rays of light makes them sparkle extraordinarily. These properties can last for millions of years. People like gold and diamonds, because their properties are unchangeable and remain unique forever, and people are constantly looking for something that reflects their quality. We know that the obligatory attribute of goodness is immutability.

If you meet a good person and try to analyze his character, you will notice that he is not inclined to change his moods. This will distinguish him from others, and you will be able to say: “I like him. He has a certain character.” This peculiarity of the person comes from the fact that he holds certain rules of morality, while maintaining an identity of character.

If you identify your unique qualities in yourself and try to perfect them, you will maintain consistency. Compare yourself to gold and diamonds. What are treasures for: just for themselves, or for others to appreciate? Everything of value has its characteristics. We must regain our original value.

We need to choose our path in life, but what should it be? We must always maintain our uniqueness, a uniqueness that others would recognize and that would remain unchanged.