Writing and etymology in Korean
不 (불) – not
變 (변) – to change
性 (성) – nature, character

The mood of our soul is constantly changing. If we were spiritually unchanging, as we should be, we would all be holy. Only that which is unique and unchanging can be holy.

Truth remains truth whether you live or die. It is eternal. Truth is immune to death, and it does not change. Therefore, to become a true person, you must be steadfast in your immutability. This means that one day your changeable nature and unchangeable qualities will inevitably clash. The unchanging qualities will triumph over the changeable nature, and it will disappear without a trace. It will be like the collision of life and death.

We want love to live in our souls, unchanging day and night, unaffected by the seasons and unchanging for life. Happiness is to find a person for whom we would constantly want to do something, for whom we would endlessly want to care, and for whom we would want to love unfailingly.