True person

Writing and etymology in Korean
참 사람
[cham saram]
眞 (참) [cham] – true
人 (사람) [saram] – person

Each of us desires to become the greatest person possible. Both men and women strive for this goal. This desire to go beyond ourselves is our original quality.

What does it mean to be a true person? There is something original within a true person, and there is also true love in his soul. No matter how deep we go into it, the essence remains true.

Every person can attract true love, this is what makes people so great. Imagine a person who has true love. The entire universe will want to follow such a person because through him it can achieve perfection.

If a true person has vast knowledge and an unimaginable amount of money, it is very good, because he will use money and knowledge to create harmony and peace. Such a person is eager to spend money to make life more comfortable and uplifting for everyone. All money and all knowledge desire to belong to the person who embodies true love. Even a power wants to be in the hands of the owner of true love.

Each individual, family, nation has different ideals, but no matter how many variants of the ideal exist, the original goal and ideal remain unchanged. Their permanence comes from true love. The most valuable thing for us is to find someone who has true love and inherit this love from him.

To become true people, we need to create true love in our family. This responsibility is assigned specifically to the family, and not to the world or the universe. A family is a man and a woman united at the center with true love and building the cornerstone of an ideal world. Such a basis can only arise in the family.

But by caring only about our family and doing nothing for the sake of the nation, we will find ourselves isolated. And by loving the nation in addition to our family, our family will become part of it.