Writing and etymology in Korean
離 (이) – to separate, to leave
婚 (혼) – marriage

Nowadays, men and women easily marry and divorce, with the result that marriage has lost signs of sanctity and eternity. This approach to the relationship between husband and wife is not original.

Why do people who have loved each other have such a problem as divorce? Reasons for divorce vary, but ultimately divorce means only one thing: something has changed and the relationship between two people has become different. This happened because they failed to keep and nurture their love. The love itself did not change, the souls of the people changed.

From the family’s standpoint, a person who deprives children of the opportunity to love their parents and destroys the bonds of marital love are doing a bad thing. If parents love their children, they have no right to even think about divorce.

When parents divorce, it is like cutting a child in half with a knife. Universal law does not permit this. Those parents who resist this law are doomed to fail wherever they go; misfortune will follow them on their heels. They cannot be happy.

Why do spouses fight? Because they each want to receive love. Couples who only want to receive love will not last long. Families whose members only want to receive love will inevitably fall apart. But if all family members are determined to give love to each other, that family is not in danger. They will endure even if those around it wish harm on them. The love that motivates us to live for each other is eternal love.

Young people, do not even think that if you dislike your partner, you can divorce. There is no such law in the Universe. If you value yourself, you should value love just as much. So if you get married and become husband and wife, you must keep your relationship forever. That is the path for all human beings. That is the value of man.