Essence of True Love

Writing and etymology in Korean
참 사랑의 본질
[cham saran-ui bonjil]
眞愛의 本​质
眞 (참) [cham] – true
愛 (사랑) [saran] – love
本​ (본) [bon] – root
质 (질) [jil] – quality, nature

True love moves in a circle, so it has neither beginning nor end. Love has no boundaries, otherwise it would not be true. It is always new, although unchanged. True love remains, regardless of changing circumstances or environment. She does not age or become stale; it is always fresh: in spring and summer, autumn and winter, in youth, in adulthood and in old age.

What comes first – life or love? Most people believe that it is life. “After all,” they say, “only when there is life, there can be love.” But love must come first. Taking into account only external factors we consider our birth to be the starting point, but love existed before it. Our body and soul come from our parents. If it were not for the love of our father and mother, we would not exist in this world.

True love is the force that unites a man and a woman forever. If you love each other with all your heart, your loved one lives in you, and you live in him. True love is the only thing people really strive for. It turns any sadness and pain into joy.

We should never give up on love, even if it means giving up our lives. We were born through love, so we must follow the path of love and die for love. When we talk about love, we mean eternal and unconditional love – true love, and not something temporary and conditional.

To achieve true happiness, we must practice true love. True love means living for others and serving others, not being the one served. True love means endlessly forgiving.

True love thrives when we give and forget. Love doesn’t stop when we give it away. With true love everything is completely different: it is a source, the flow of which only increases. Walking on the path of love, we feel that we have not given enough, even when we give something valuable. True love does not make a person arrogant, but, on the contrary, a person regrets that he cannot give even more.

The sinful world has programmed us to believe that when we give something, we lose. However, in true love the opposite is true: the more we give, the more we receive. Therefore, when our thinking changes from the desire to receive love to the desire to give it, then peace will certainly reign in the world.