Writing and etymology in Korean
競 (경) – competition
爭 (쟁) – a struggle, an argument

Human life is a competition. Without competition, we cannot develop. Losing makes us feel unhappy, but losing can encourage us to develop certain skills we need to win. To develop these, we need to devote some time to preparation and training.

We must be confident that even when we are at rock bottom, we will be able to maintain life in mind and body. Without such confidence, not only will we not run the distance, but we won’t even get into the stadium. Each of us is a competitive runner, so we must train ourselves with unwavering conviction to reach our goal.

It is believed that the world is ruled by the strongest. Powerful people create an environment around themselves that allows them to gain even more power, and sweep away those who are weaker from their path. This is not at all the result of a victory won in a contest held in accordance with goodwill – which means that this is not what the Creator wants.

The ideal world is a world of love, where people compete in love, not in intellectual ability.