Writing and etymology in Korean
熱 (열) – passion, heat
情 (정) – feeling, mood, emotion

As we study, we get to know ourselves better. We begin to analyze which subject is most interesting for us to study. What are we most interested in? We prefer to study those subjects that we enjoy the most. Ask yourself, if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, what interests you the most.

What’s the point of continuing to study if you’re only pretending to be learning, or just because you don’t want to be left behind?

You can choose what is most valuable to you and what is worthy of your interest, based on the standard of good experience from childhood, youth, maturity, old age, past, present and future. After that, concentrate on studying the chosen subject.

If you are passionate, your development continues. Recognize the value of the current moment and keep moving forward until you achieve everything you have decided for yourself.

You must be in love with what you are doing. Famous world artists who created their amazing masterpieces were passionate people. They did not create their works out of a sense of duty. They worked from sunrise to sunset, forgetting about time. This is how a true masterpiece is born.

When people are infatuated, they forget whether it is day or night. Then the ideal world manifests naturally. This is the principle of nature itself. In this case, people feel a certain mysterious halo around them. Let’s take musicians for example. The musician himself in the process of playing the instrument must be literally intoxicated by the sounds of music. When inspired by his work, he picks up an instrument and begins to make sounds, he does not do it alone. At this level, success is almost inevitable.

Do you know how you can quickly become such a person? First, choose your area of interest. After that, make a comparative analysis of all the outstanding people of the past, present and future. As a result, by making an effort to surpass their level, you will leave these people behind. In this way, you can become the best professionals in any field and lead all people.