Writing and etymology in Korean
分 (분) – to divide
析 (석) – to divide, to analyze

It is significant to take time for deep reflection and analysis of your life. It is necessary to analyze your past and make plans for the future. This can be the most important time for us. It is an opportunity to reflect on ourselves calmly and with dignity. It is absolutely necessary. This is called the spiritual path.

First, we must go deeper into ourselves. In the process, we must learn to analyze our eyes, nose, mouth, ears, all the senses, every cell of the body. As we begin self-analysis, we must distinguish two halves of ourselves: one which is the bad elements of internal instability, and the other, the elements of constancy.

Analyze your actions in everyday life, and you will notice that sometimes you act as a person of good, and sometimes as a person of evil. From this, you can analyze yourself and moreover your speech as well. If what you say differs from what you said yesterday for the better, then you are a good person in relation to the past day. If for the worse, you are in a position of evil today.

What percentage of your feelings and sensations usually turn out to be right? You have to analyze the course of your life and evaluate the results. Develop this kind of mindfulness. If you can develop it, thanks to your feelings, you will be able to determine exactly what awaits you. And then, as soon as you go out with a purpose, on the first step you will sense the outcome of your trip – good or bad.

Self-renewal and self-reflection should be your daily practice. Study people. For example, analyze the person next to you when he or she is angry, asleep, on top of being happy, showing responsibility. From all this, you can learn a good lesson for yourself.