Fight between good and evil

Writing and etymology in Korean
선과 악 사이의 투쟁
[seongwa ag saiui tujaeng]
善과 惡 사이의 鬪爭
善 (선) [seon] – good
惡 (악) [ag] – evil
鬪爭 (투쟁) [tujaeng] – fight

When we think about whether the modern world is good, we are forced to admit that it is full of evil. Why? Because, considering both the history of the world and the history of any country, we see that it all consists entirely of wars. The struggle between two sides at the same level of development leads both sides to decline.

God constantly strives to separate good from evil and thereby change the existing order of things. He cares for the common good and works hard for the main goal of realizing love and universal peace. Satan is selfish and thinks only about himself and tries to undermine any good beginning, adding hatred and evil, or provoking wars. His goal is to bring destruction to our world and prevent humanity from returning to God.

Everywhere you look in our sinful world, you can see the struggle between good and evil. This struggle begins with the conflict between soul and body within each person. The soul, representing the side of good, tries to overcome the influence of the body, representing the side of evil. Such struggle within each person results in conflicts in the family and then spreads to the country and the world. As a result, humanity constantly found itself divided into two opposing camps: on the one hand, the side of good, and on the other hand, the side of evil. The two sides were locked in fighting at all levels. However, the Creator always wanted to restore both sides and did not expect one side to defeat the other and destroy it.

God’s strategy is this: the good side takes the hit first and sacrifices itself. Likewise, good people always have to take the hit first and sacrifice themselves.

In the not-too-distant future, all struggles – struggles between peoples, struggles between nations, struggles in the world, struggles between “isms” and religious struggles – will come to an end. The only struggle that will remain is the struggle of soul and body. Whatever overwhelms our soul, we must be able to overcome it. We live in such times.