Writing and etymology in Korean
名 (명) – name
聲 (성) – voice, sound

Ask yourself: “What do the people around me value in me?” Can you become a treasure, one of a kind in the whole Universe? What would allow you to become such a meaningful treasure? Love. The value of relationships and the authority to rise to the position of representatives of the Universe can only exist in a world of love.

Take, for example, a famous man and a humble, quiet, unremarkable and uneducated woman. As soon as the great husband and the humble wife fall in love, the woman will instantly enter the prestigious circle in which the man rotates. His power, authority, prestige will surround her as well. What does this example teach us? Once we establish a loving relationship with the Creator and unite with Him, our value and prestige will instantly rise to the level of God’s value. And such love is eternal, unchanging and unique.

The more significant you become, the more circumspect you need to be about what is at your core. As you diminish, you are increasingly forced to turn to Heaven.

The way to life is not to be understood in comfort and repose. No one in history has ever achieved revolutionary change, made an important discovery, taken a prestigious place in society, or achieved meaningful success while living in peace and contentment. On the way to the top, one has to go through life-and-death situations.

Decent citizenship does not come automatically; it takes a foundation of character and family. Civic consciousness comes from character, the ability to love, and the upbringing received in the family. This is the basis of noble deeds, by which people can take up positions of responsibility and raise the prestige of the country. Create this foundation and become the person your country needs.