Value of life

Writing and etymology in Korean
생명의 가치
[saengmyeonge kachi]
生命 (생명) – life
價值 (가치) – value

There is a Korean proverb, “After the tiger there remains the skin, but after the man—the name.” The value of a person’s life is determined by how long his name is remembered. It depends on how much a person lives for others. But how will a person serve others if he does not have certain spiritual values?

People today live in a world of despair and impenetrable darkness, a world of death with no life. Although originally, they should chant the highest value of life and live harmonizing with the eternal ideal of the Heavenly Parent.

As soon as a man begins to live for others and to embody spiritual values, his life becomes more meaningful. The value of your life will be determined not by the last day before you die, but by how you live each of your days.