Life without casting a shadow

Writing and etymology in Korean
정오정착의 삶
[jeong-ojeongchag-ui sam]
正午 (정오) – noon
定着 (정착) – settle
生 (삶) – life

Where we go, either to Heaven or Hell, depends on how we live, so our life must be untainted and pure, without the slightest shadow. It is necessary to live without the slightest reason to be ashamed in the presence of God, people or creation.

If your soul and body are at enmity with each other, they will be warped and curled sideways from each other, and if the sun shines directly over your top, a shadow will form from you. If your physical desires are stronger than your conscience, the shadow will fall to your left. We need to affirm the “midday life” and be completely upright before the Creator, from the top of your head to your heels.

Let our motto for life be, “To live in a way that casts no shadow, as if under the noon sun.

To live without casting a shadow is to live with a clear conscience. We should do nothing that would darken our conscience. When we do something that later makes us feel guilty, it darkens and plunges our heart into darkness.

We should not bury our mistakes deeper and leave them as it is. We need to fix it. Start anew, with a clean slate, change and become men and women who live without the shadow of sin, who realize that we are as we were originally meant to be, and that our soul and body can become fully one with true love.

Conflicts arise on our planet from national and religious strife as well as economic friction, casting a dark shadow over the future of humanity. In the midst of confusion and turmoil, the world seeks new approaches and new leaders to lead humanity out of its impasse. How much happiness you can feel when you see the shadow of grief and loneliness disappear from the faces of those around you. Become the people who shine a bright ray of hope into the future.