Do more

Every day when we go to work, we repeat the same thing every time, putting in an iota more effort. This makes every day new.

When we prepare food, time after time, putting our efforts into it, the food will become more and more delicious. There is a saying in Korea that if you do your best, God will help you. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

If you do a lot at the beginning of a project or task, but slacken your efforts along the way, you will fall behind. But even if you start small, if you add more every day, you will become higher and higher.

Give and forget, repeat over and over and forget. Forget – this is the only way you can repeat it again. Then you will become the best, you will reach the top.

Get into the habit of doing more every day than yesterday, a little more than everyone else is doing.

If you have many friends, be determined to say one more good, heartfelt word every day so that one more person can feel happiness. Let people not feel disadvantaged after meeting you, let them be left with the impression of something good. This is where the ideal world begins. And if this continues and is repeated every day, if every person in the world does this every day, the ideal world will come faster.

By doing one more positive thing every day, ten, twenty or thirty years in a row, you will see thousands of people following you and respecting you.