Writing and etymology in Korean
膳 (선) – gift
物 (물) – a thing

The Creator is ready to give mankind great happiness on the level of the Universe, but man is chasing after momentary, petty happiness. Therefore, the great gift originally intended for us has turned from a blessing to a great disaster. At the same time, do not think that God’s love is given to you for free. Act in such a way that the Creator simply cannot fail to give His love.

Responsibility is a gift from God prepared for man. Responsibility, given by the Creator to humans, is the condition that allows Him to love them more than any other creature. With this condition, He gave man the opportunity to inherit His creativity and to acquire the right to a position of master over the natural world.

Freedom is one of the Creator’s most priceless gifts to mankind. The Heavenly Parent created man as a spiritual being and endowed him with freedom, but we must not forget that it is based on responsibility.

We must be grateful and thankful for all God’s gifts that we receive. Before eating, virtuous men and women think of the bounty of Heaven, of the earth, and of humanity.

What gifts will you take with you to heaven? When you are there, you will stand before a multitude of great saints. Will you be able to open your bag of gifts before such great personalities? Will you show your gifts more like the contents of a beggar’s bag?

Do not maliciously neglect the duties that are entrusted to you, but multiply the good that is bestowed upon you. Do not be in heartfelt debt to others.