Standard of goodness

Writing and etymology in Korean
선의 기준
[son-ui gijun]
善 (선) [son] - goodness
基準 (기준) [gijun] - standard

The standard of goodness must be eternal and unique. What is done for others is always good. And if you give it up, the very notion of goodness disappears. If you do good things for others, that is good. So, good is doing things for the good of others, not for oneself.

If we say that someone is good, it means that this person lives for others. On the other hand, if a person achieves something for himself at the expense of others, we would not hesitate to call him evil. Every good person, good family, or good community should be guided by the desire to do something for others.

You can do or say anything, but if all you do is for yourself, you are not a good person. If your actions are led by pride and vanity, you are not on the right track. Arrogance has nothing to do with goodness.

If you are going to get married and are looking for someone who is good for you, then you are not standing on the side of goodness. No one wants to live side by side with a selfish person. You know very well that if you do something good for your spouse, you become a good person. If he or she serves you and does something for you, you are always willing to return kindness for kindness. If you both serve others, your efforts will be rewarded.

The fruits of good deeds are people’s love and good fortune in business. If you meet a man who works for himself, who speaks, who thinks only of himself, that person will not be surrounded by an atmosphere of love. And even if you fall in love with such a person, in time you will surely regret it.

So, we can say that we do good when we achieve something for the good of society, for something greater than the interests of an individual person. Such a definition is indisputable. The more unselfishly you help others, the better off you become. Good will flourish and be strengthened, while evil will deteriorate and eventually die out.

The basis of the definition of good and evil is in us. It all begins with the individual. If your actions are for the good of others, you can be called good.