Writing and etymology in Korean
事 (사) – thing, matter
業 (업) – work

Business is not just for making money. The field of business should also be seen as a condition for educating people.

Why is a fountain pen that once belonged to a celebrity sold at auction for thousands of dollars? Although it is an ordinary household item, it was the partner-object of that person and therefore contains his love, which is what gives it such great value.

When we start a business, we plan to invest a certain amount of money and expect to start making a profit at some point. This principle applies to everything; it is a universal law.

The work process establishes a relationship between the worker and the materials with which he or she works with. We need to love what we produce and sell; it is our object of partners. If we love it and build our business on it, we give it a value comparable to our own. Only then can we be proud of what we do. In other words, if we are worth 100 units, everything we produce is also worth 100 units. If we are worth 1,000 units, each piece of our product will also be worth 1,000 units.

If the person in charge of the business becomes a subject partner, he must create his subject partner and allow it to grow.