Writing and etymology in Korean
組 (조) – a group, a team
織 (직) – to organize, to form, to unite

Every organization needs purpose, hierarchical order, and relationships.

To succeed, any organization requires a center that can influence the entire organization, and a goal that everyone will strive for. The broader the scope of an organization striving to achieve a goal, the more likely it is to be divided into several departments. Each department has a leader who works under the head of the company. Any organization will succeed and achieve all of its goals if the department heads and their subordinates can achieve vertical unity and at the same time unite with other departments.

The desire of the head of the organization to all employees should be that they spread horizontally all the main points of the vertical tradition handed down from above. That is to say, the corporate culture should be applied in every department, and contribute to the growth and development of the company. The task of any organization is to bring up such a leader.

A leader is not someone who can exert a force upon others, but someone who can set an example and lay the groundwork for others. The position of a leader involves giving back. If a leader is indebted to his subordinates, such a group or organization will not develop.