True Parents

Writing and etymology in Korean
眞 (참) [cham] — true
父母 (부모) [pumo] — parents

After the human fall, the forefathers of mankind became false, bad parents, but only sinless people can be good, true parents.

Humans inherited a bloodline that had nothing to do with God and the True Parents, who should have appeared according to the ideal of creation. We have become heirs of a false bloodline.

True Parents are the first parents who were able to achieve a perfect, absolute unity based on love, the heart of which is the love of God.

True Parents are the cumulative fruit of many religions. They, as God’s representatives, can take on His great work of creation. They must correct the false race in which Satan’s world is rooted, turn back the false life and set false love on the right path. They bring freedom! With them begins the liberation of the individual, as well as the liberation of heaven and earth.

What is the goal of providence that God has sought throughout history until now? That goal is the standard of True Parents. For what has mankind from the time of the Fall until now been, following the historical path of indemnity? For finding True Parents. For this reason, many Christians wait for the day of the Second Advent. For the same reason, followers of many other religions look forward until now.

With the coming of True Parents, the True Family is formed and the goal of the true man is realized. “True Parents” is a name worthy of praise at all times: past, present and future. The fact of True Parents’ appearance and presence on earth is the most joyful of all good news.

True Parents cannot come to earth until there is an external foundation at the world level, beyond the boundaries of the individual state.

The goal of the history of restoration is the complete transfer to True Parents of all of God’s inheritance. Humanity must receive this inheritance by uniting with the True Parents.

The invisible God is incorporeal, the True Parents play the role of His body. They are the Parents of the individual, the family, the clan, the nation, and the country. In the future, when you go to the spiritual world, you will find that there too God reveals Himself in the form of True Parents.

Why do people need True Parents? To inherit a new lineage from them.

We can unite with the Heart of God only by following True Parents. With them, the original lineage and the original personality begin; thanks to them, language returns to its original state and life to its original form. The True Parents become the center of the formation of the original country and the original world. Everything is determined by them alone. This is why everyone must fully adopt their system of thought. You will take center stage only by inheriting from True Parents their heart, character, vision of country and worldview.

Parents are needed to settle God on earth. This is what their hard work was all about.

Messiah is True Parents. We are the true children. We must share the destiny of the Parents and be at one with them.

For what purpose did True Parents come to the people living on earth? They came to make each of you a miniature copy of True Parents.