Writing and etymology in Korean
氏 (씨) – genus, surname
族 (족) – ethnic group

We were a genus, ethnic group born into the love of our father and mother. We were grafted at birth with the sprout of our parents’ love. Before we talk about the bond of life and lineage, it should be noted that both life and genus continue because of love.

When a man truly loves, his body, his heart, and his blood lineage merge into one. Who is capable of loving like this? A husband and wife.

Through love, all that is in the man blends with all that is in the woman. They become one. At that moment, the genus of the man and the clan of the woman are united. The two lineages merge, and in this vortex a new life is firstborn, through which the history associated with it is created. It does not end with one generation. From here the eternal story begins.

The conjugal union arises in the family, the family makes the spouses one. A genus gathers together several families, a nation unites the genuses. Several nations form a state.

For a man to find peace, he needs to create a family. In the same way, a family will not find peace without a clan. Your genusis a protection for you and your family from harsh winds and other adversities; without creating a sphere that serves this purpose, you will not see peace in your family.

Heaven gives the blessing to married couples not for their own good, but to restore their lineage, their nation, the world and the universe.

Lay the tradition today as ancestors, for the future for a thousand years to come.