Writing and etymology in Korean
木 (태) [ka] - tree
支 (양) [chi] - branch, to maintain

A branch is a connection to the future. Not only are flowers blooming on the branches, but also fruits are ripening, from the seeds of which new trees grow. It is the process by which a tree’s life continues, which is why branches are so important.

Where do the branches reach when they grow – toward the ground or the sky? Why do the branches point upward? Because they are drawn toward the sun, the source of life force. In the same way, we must turn toward the Creator, the Sun of the universe, from whom we receive the power of love and life.

Who in the world are these branches on which the flowers blossom? Young people. It is they who become the new branches on which the hope of all mankind will grow. It is wonderful to become such a branch. The bold, enterprising young person has more hopes and desires, so he is constantly on the move, and without hopes he will have nothing to strive for.

We need to think seriously about what it means to want to be a blossoming spring branch for the whole world. Every branch wants to be more than just a branch, dreams of becoming a whole tree. If you are a real tree, you have everything: branches and roots, leaves and flowers.

The sap inside the tree is constantly in motion, and in the spring the flowers bloom. The different elements should not fight each other, but coexist in beauty, harmony and peaceful interaction. Such preparation before the solemn appearance of flowers, shoots and leaves are simply necessary. This will not happen if one of the branches does not wish to share its nutrients to the other, or if the roots suddenly decide not to pass nutrients to the upper branches.

Humanity will be able to flourish only when all the nations and peoples of the world come into harmonious unity. Persevere, try to achieve more, go forward boldly, and your roots and branches will become the perfect roots and branches for the whole world.