Writing and etymology in Korean
同 (동) – same; identical
意 (의) – will, soul, idea

Conflicts arise for many reasons. One of the most important factors lies in the deep-seated disagreements between people. Therefore, we need to learn to agree with each other, to accept each other, and to be able to come to an agreement.

It is easy to live without thinking. It is especially difficult to live in harmony with our conscience. Our conscience teaches us to live for others, to sacrifice ourselves for others, and to connect with people with love. If you live in perfect harmony with truth and justice, Heaven’s good fortune will protect you wholeheartedly. Heaven’s good fortune will defeat any forces that oppose you.

We will only prosper if we change our outlook on life and learn to give back. Then the universe will help us as we live in harmony with the principle of creation. But if we only take, our life will be shortened.

Only those who live in harmony with Heaven’s good fortune and obey the Principle that governs the universe, can expect to survive and prosper. This is how heroes and saints in history have lived.

Through parents, harmony arises between children. This is why parents are the center for children. When three generations live in one home in love, harmony and happiness, the ideal of the creation of heaven and earth is realized.

When people of all nationalities will learn to live in harmony with one another, our society will become a model for building an ideal world on earth. We must unite ourselves and bring all mankind along the path of unification.

It is more important to achieve not external agreement, but internal unity, unity in the heart. Unity is achieved through love. Only love can lead everyone to agreement.

Live in harmony. He who treats all people as his parents, brothers, sisters, or children has in his hands the keys to building a perfect world.