Thoughts, words, and actions

Writing and etymology in Korean
생각, 말과 행동
[saeng-gag, malgwa haengdong]
思想 (생각) [saeng-gag] – thoughts
言 (말) [mal] – words
行動 (행동) [haengdong] – actions

People use words to express themselves. It is words that show a person’s personality instead of what he or she does.

Words are the most important thing in our daily lives and life in general. We express our thoughts with words, and the words we use convey our emotions and moods to others. We convey excitement or despair to others. We need to be clear about the important work that words do.

All human activity and all words begin with thoughts. Therefore, we need to have the right mindset, and when we speak, we have to say what we think. Thinking is significant.

There are some people who are good with words. But it is bad if only words are good. Those who are good not only in words, but also in their behavior or their actions, are those who have passed the test of life. Which is better, having more words or more deeds? This is a critical question in life. It is not good if words are only words and deeds are only deeds.

We can utter words instantly, but if we misuse a word for one second and make a mistake, we may find ourselves in a situation where we have to pay the price of one year.

The impression, the first feeling of the one who listens to our words, is important. When we speak based on love, then, no matter how badly we speak or what we say, we will inevitably succeed and grow and will please the whole universe.