Writing and etymology in Korean

Who can be trusted these days anyway? It’s hard to find a pure and honest person among your friends that you can truly rely on. Even if you consider him a good friend, he may step over you, and use you for his own benefit under under pressure in certain circumstances. So choose your closest friends and thosewhom you are going to build a close relationship carefully, however, in reality this is one of the hardest things to do.

You definitely need a friend who you can genuinely trust like God. Moreover, you require siblings, parents, and a spouse whom you can trust as God. Then you will go beyond the family and be able to accept society, the nation, and the world.

In families today, often you see that children do not trust their parents. In schools, students do not trust their teachers, and the citizens of the country do not trust their president. Who is to blame for this situation where children end up not trusting their parents? We can say that it is partly because a father and a mother are not united in one with each other and do not trust each other 100 percent, thus, children cannot trust them. They also have no trust in their siblings. Family relationships have come to a critical state.

When family members trust each other and live happily, the center of a whole Universe is born, and all those in that Universe share and enjoy the happiness. This is how the sphere of the ideal is born. Without love, existence becomes meaningless.

Every person should have at least one teacher in his life on whom he can fully rely on, in whom he can unconditionally trust, and who will never break his heart. It must be someone to whom you can trust everything and feel completely at ease.

Become such a friend, that your friends can safely trust you always with all their secrets. Such a person will be the best friend one could wish for. You must become a kind of person to whom you can entrust any treasures.