Growing period

Writing and etymology in Korean
成長 (성장) – growth, maturation
期間 (기간) – duration, period

All phenomena occurring in the universe bear fruit only after the lapse of a certain interval of time. All things are designed to reach completion only after passing through sets of growing periods.

In accordance with the Universal Law and Order, the Heavenly Parent laid down the principle of development and created everything around in sequence, beginning with the smaller elements and ending with the larger ones. The creation of people was the quintessence of all creation. He created man in such a way that he could go through a growing period and become perfect only if he coped with his share of responsibility.

Man goes through three stages of development: formation, growth, and completion. Likewise, we change three worlds in turn: the water world, where we swim in our mother’s womb;, the earthly world, where we walk on the ground;, and the airy world, where we can fly.

When a man is born, he gradually transforms from an infant to an adult, and then marries and becomes a parent.

When you become parents and watch your children grow, you will remember the time when you were growing up and maturing yourself. You will feel the power of love to expand the world for you.

As we grow and mature, we need to go through all the stages of our heart development as a brother or sister, as a husband or wife, as a father or mother, and as grandparents.

To bear fruit, the tree needs the summer months, during which the growing fruit gathers its vital juice from the root, trunk, and branches. By going through this process, the tree acquires the perfect vitality to bear fruit that can give birth to new life.

Advancement is a daily progression of growth. If development stops, everything will immediately fall into decay. That is why it is necessary to move forward every day. It is up to us to move forward. You must work hard to overcome all difficulties. Try to make progress every day, don’t slow down. Everything that is alive continues to develop, and only that which is dead stops developing.