Writing and etymology in Korean
深 (심) - deep
思 (사) - think
熟 (숙) - ripe
考 (고) - thought, to think

There is a definite reason why people on the path of enlightenment go off to meditate in the mountains. They develop an outward determination, the basis of which is inner determination, that is, the conviction that they will not deviate from their path, regardless of what difficulties they may encounter.

Wake up early in the morning and meditate. As you meditate, listen to the voice of your heart. Think of its original source, and imagine that the harmony of heaven and earth flows through your arteries and veins. Then your health will improve.

How do you understand what the Creator felt and the joy of creating all things? Meditate and think of Him from morning until sunset, sitting in a garden or beneath a mountain. Immerse yourself in meditation, forgetting about time. Breathe deeply, and the air of the universe will come to you and breathe into you. Live in unison with the life-giving power of the universe. As you breathe out, feel how everything is renewed and takes on a new life. Reaching the deepest relaxation, you will feel harmony with nature. And then you will occupy the position of the absolute essence, ruling over all creation.

With deep meditation, you can connect with nature. When we meditate, we try to reach a state of “no ego.” We do this to awaken the origins that will become the core of our soul. If people reach this level and establish the core of the soul, they will be able to see, hear and be aware of everything that is going on around them in accordance with the principles of Heaven.

Record your experiences daily in meditation, and you will see the most vivid and unforgettable of them come to life. Such predictions are one hundred percent accurate.

We need to train ourselves and our way of thinking and learn to use our soul’s potential correctly. We need to devote time to training our soul and body. Meditation and prayer can help us do this.