Writing and etymology in Korean
健 (건) – strong, sturdy
康 (강) – happy, healthy

The human body is a whole universe, all parts of which interact harmoniously with each other as subjects and objects. All organs must be involved in the actions of giving and receiving to maintain its vitality. If all participants in this action do what they are supposed to do, our physical body will remain strong and healthy and continue to live.

If a person is sick, it means that something is missing in a certain part of the body. At some level, the ideal relationship between subject and object was interrupted, and the universe tried to get rid of them by forcibly pushing them away. This manifested itself in the form of illness.

Health is more important than anything else. Even if you have a cold, you should feel healthy. Let the expression on your face give nothing away to those around you. You should not look ill, even if you have a cold, and you should not seem anxious and depressed, even if you are in trouble.

A healthy person can accept and endure even what ordinary people cannot, so healthy people are loved by all. Likewise, a person with a healthy spirit can spiritually accept anything.

Living well means eating healthy food, living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining good health throughout life.

Most important is your internal attitude toward your health. Conquer the disease in your soul, and health will come back to you. But no matter how healthy your soul is, if you have a sick body, you cannot function as a full person. That is why you have to make a constant effort to unite your soul and body.

If a man does not put in efforts to keep himself healthy, he will gradually lose it. This is the law of nature.

Before you love the Creator directly, learn to love the food you eat, love the materials from which things are made, love nature, as well as your own body from head to toe. When you love the natural world, you can love your body, too, for your body is made up of its elements.