Writing and etymology in Korean

The record is not so easy to beat. The key point is setting a goal, training and then working to achieve it. All this has a decisive meaning. Doing 90% or even 99% is commonplace, the problem is how to reach 100% or more. Those who achieved less than 100% will not remain in people’s memories, they will be forgotten. The whole value is how to surpass this 100%.

For example, the participants of the Olympic Games are driven by the ambition to break the existing record. If you managed to beat the ego for a second, you are a record holder. If your result is better by even a tenth of a second, you are the winner. When a person thinks about how to be one step ahead, he will definitely be a winner.

Thinking this way, one second makes a huge difference; you can be either a winner or a loser. If you beat the rest by a second or a tenth of a second, you will be recorded in history and will remain in people’s memory.

The important question is how far the goal has been achieved. For example, we set a goal and achieved it. It is good, but underachieving the goal by 1% or overachieving it by 1% makes a huge difference. Those who underachieved the goal by 1% will fall behind, and those who overachieved by 1% will grow and prosper.

As a rule, students do not like passing exams, and some of them believe that exams are not necessary. But thanks to preparation for exams, students have a goal and try. Without it students will not have a standard. In a similar way, organizations have supervisors and inspectors on various issues who push people in the direction of the goal.

As soon as the goal is set you need someone who will strictly pull you in its direction, pointing to the goal and reminding you of it. If we are pushed from behind, we have no choice but to go. Since we don’t like being pushed around, we try to push forward on our own. In this case, our entire course of action will be very different from what others do. A week, a month, an hour, ten years will pass and we will see the difference in our achievements.