Way of thinking

Writing and etymology in Korean
思考 (사고) [sago] – thinking
方式 (방식) [bangsig] – way, method

What makes humans different from animals? The functions of thinking and feeling are thoughts and love. We received our sensitivity to truth and love from Heavenly Parent. It is thinking and feeling that distinguishes one person from another. An evil person thinks about evil and loves evil. A good person thinks about truth and loves goodness.

Human thinking is a wonderful thing. At first, we may have bad thoughts about the same thing or situation and go to hell. But with the next thought we can look at it differently, in a positive and joyful light, and with good thoughts we will be awarded Heaven. Every moment we have to think about how to swallow and digest all the bad things. Our way of thinking will determine whether we are bound to heaven or hell.

Everyone has a tendency to do what they want and see everything happen according to their expectations. But once our thinking becomes self-centered, everywhere we go we see only rejection. At school, at work, and throughout the nation, everyone will reject a person with such thinking. God will reject such thinking.

What will constitute the essence of our soul after our death? What we thought, what we felt and how we loved. With this kind of thinking and love that transcends time and space, we will be aimed at eternal life.