Time and space

Writing and etymology in Korean
時 (시) [shi] - time (the first character in the word time 시간(時間))

空 (공) [gong] - space (the first character in the word space 공간(空間))

Eastern philosophy says that time and space are the basis of the world. The Creator created the “day,” the “earth,” and the “points of change of ages.” These three elements form the character 時(시) meaning “time”. The concept of time includes the concept of the points of change of ages. In life, there are moments of changing periods: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

Every living being occupies a place in space. Existing in the spatial world, man necessarily needs such categories as up and down, right and left, front and rear. Only with this help, the position of each of us is determined. Our appearance may be different depending on the position we occupy in relation to the up and down, the right and left sides, the front and the rear.

The world of Shimjeong is not limited by time or space. Love is so great. Its power connects top and bottom, front and back. Love transcends space and time, allowing us to immediately share equally in dominion.