Fruit of history

Writing and etymology in Korean
역사의 결실
[yeogsaui gyeolsi]
歷史 (역사) [yeogsa] – history
結實 (결실) [gyeolsi] – fruit

Man is the fruit of human history, a mixture of good and evil. The same can be said of family, nation, and world. But how many of these fruits are the fruits of good? Consider what is more in you, to what degree are you a product of goodness?

The fruit represents the whole tree, so it must inherit all the historical experience and vitality that the tree has accumulated over ten or twenty years of life, which it wants to pass on to its fruit. Only then will the fruit be perfect and can it be plucked from the tree.

Humans have inherited both good and evil in part from their ancestors, but they live in a world where there is more evil than good, where evil is repeated many times. It is not possible for man to live by good alone. Good and evil compete for possession of the world. The power of good brings life, but if evil reigns, all goes to ruin.

The fruit encapsulates the entire millennial history. So, when you carry this fruit with you, it is as if you are carrying all history. If you plant the seeds from that fruit, history will go on anywhere. The story goes on because of the love of a man and a woman. Man is the fruit of love. That is why he who defiles this love goes to hell as the most promiscuous person who disrupts the order of the universe!

We are the fruit of history, the center of the age and the progenitors of the future.