Path of true love

Writing and etymology in Korean
참 사랑의 길
[cham saran-ui gil]
眞 (참) [cham] – true
愛 (사랑) [saran] – love
道 (길) [gil] – path

What is the greatest treasure in the universe? The first answer may be “true love,” but it is also “the man and woman who embody true love.” They are the most valuable beings in the universe.

Has anyone seen true love? True love is invisible. No one can see it and yet it exists and has a huge impact. It has an influence stronger than truth, goodness or any other ideals pursued by people.

The only way to confirm the presence of true love is through experience. You can’t say someone has true love until you’ve been through difficult times together, side by side. Thus, to experience true love, it is necessary to go through a period of difficulties or trialsю

True love chooses a straight line rather than a crooked one; anyone seeking true love needs to follow the straight line.

Where would true love choose to live: in high society, where there is glitz and comfort, or in difficult circumstances that most people prefer to avoid? Finding true love is not easy, but it begins to shine as you overcome obstacles.

The path of true love is not individual. Not even the greatest man can walk it alone. Also, a woman will not be able to walk it alone. Man and woman must walk together in harmony and unity.

True love is not a path that one spouse can continue alone after the other has decided to leave. Both husband and wife must be truly dedicated to true love, since this love existed even before they were born.

True love existed before our appearance and will exist after our transition to another world. The couple must walk this path together, filling every second of the journey with happiness, meaning and hope. They must feed these feelings in each other and dedicate their lives to this goal.