Love in the family

Writing and etymology in Korean
가족의 사랑
[gajog-ui saran]
家族의 愛
家 (가) [ga] – house; family
庭 (족) [jog] – court; garden
愛 (사랑) [saran] – love

Life comes into this world starting with love. The husband learns to love his wife, and the wife her husband; together they learn to love their children; and children learn to love their parents.

The relationship between husband and wife is horizontal, but the parent-child relationship is vertical. For the sake of a child, a person is capable of giving up horizontal relationships. The horizontal axis must be adjusted, focusing on the vertical axis. Vertical relationships are so important that they allow a person to sacrifice his life. Even animals protect their children by sacrificing themselves. This feeling is much stronger in human being. If you give the choice to any loving parent between dying or letting their child die, they would choose to die themselves.

This is because the Creator is the source of the vertical line, and the marital relationship is a horizontal line. Each parent should love their children more than parents love each other. They can love each other only on the basis that their children are loved even more.

Your grandparents have a habit of loving you even more than their children. This is because they are one step closer to the Creator than their parents. But before they love you, you yourself must give your love to your parents, older generation, and children.

There are no such circumstances where we would abandon our parents or our children. Nothing will tear us away from the vertical line; therefore we must respect and protect it. This is the law of the universe.

We love our parents, then our children; then we love our husband or wife. That is the right order. This order is reflected at all levels, starting with the family, nation and further down to the level of the universe.

All forms of love have a place in the family. God lives inside this sphere. Once love reaches perfection, the members of such a family will not need anything more. Such a family will be able to embrace the whole world with its love.