Four position foundation

Writing and etymology in Korean
四 (사) [sa] – four
位 (위) [wi] – status, position, rank, place
基臺 (기대) [kidae] – foundation

The love of the Heavenly Parent is manifested in the perfection of the four position foundation. Parental love is transmitted to children, and children feel it. The love of the parents, uniting them with their children, is the center of the four position foundation. In addition, the love of man and woman merges and eventually becomes one with the love of God.

Each person achieves perfection only by creating a four position foundation, in which his soul and body form unity with the Creator as their center. Man and woman attain perfection by becoming perfect husband and wife through the creation of a four-position foundation with the Creator at their center, in which their unity is attained. The perfection of the world of creation is achieved by the creation of a four position foundation therein, where man, the natural world, and God form a unity.

The four position foundation consists of three generations. Grandparents, father and mother, and children. For this to happen, there must be unity in the family. It must conform to the original standard that the Creator desires.

The continuation of the family four position foundation is the nation, the continuation of the nation is the whole world, and the continuation of the world is the universe.