Writing and etymology in Korean
準 (준) [chun] – standard
備 (비) [bi] – equip, provide

To overcome a crisis, we need to have deep faith, detailed plans, and the confidence necessary to carry them out.

With enough preparation, we can shorten the period of practice, and the period of struggle becomes even shorter.

Preparation for the coming of spring begins as early as the winter chill under the cover of snow. Pay more attention to preparation, even if your goal is small.

If you intend to fight, you will need conviction and thorough preparation.

For students, preparation is study. Young boys and girls should study especially diligently, dreaming great things. By developing intellectually, you can conquer the world of the soul, and then you will be ready to act, applying honed skills and abilities to win the competition.

If we devote a certain number of hours to preparation, we will be sufficiently prepared to pass the exam. This principle applies to everything; it is a universal law. If we, wishing for something, work hard and challenge our limitations to achieve the goal, we will cross the finish line and get something in return.

We all want to succeed. To achieve that, we need to prepare well. Use enough material in your preparation to understand and assimilate everything in the world that exists, for by doing so you will be able to establish your own new foundation, which must surpass the old, or you will not be able to establish it. This is what history teaches us, and it is true for our lives as well as for the life of our country.

What kind of preparation do we need? First, we must prepare ourselves mentally to acquire an indomitable spirit that cannot be broken. Second, we must work harder than anyone in history to contribute to the well-being of this country. Third, we must prepare and carry out concrete deeds.