Writing and etymology in Korean

몽 [mong] (sino-korean)

Dreams are one of the Heavenly Parent’s ways of manifesting Himself. Therefore, dreams may contain important revelations. Some dreams turn out to be prophetic and come true.

Lie down with peace and beauty in your soul. Banish from your thoughts all that is ugly. Live with the feeling that by the time you wake up, God is awake and ready to greet you.

When we sleep and our body rests, blood circulation slows down. It can be compared to turbid scale settling at the bottom of a vessel, while clear water rises. It is at this point that our pure original soul can touch Heaven. This is why revelations most often come in dreams.

How do we determine if our dream was an ordinary dream, a lucid dream, or a bad dream? Bad dreams, do not have a clear and distinct picture, contain no instructions, and have no main theme. They are messy and confusing, and you quickly forget them upon awakening. Heavenly dreams are clear, coherent, and deal with a specific theme. Typically, the message can be conveyed in parts, from one dream to the next. If you have three consecutive nights of dreams on the same subject, then they can be considered a revelation from God. A prophetic dream is so clearly imprinted in your soul that when you wake up, you remember everything very vividly in detail. You will not forget such dreams because God and a man must be united forever.

On the other hand, bad dreams are quickly forgotten. Such dreams cannot affect those of you who maintain a constant connection with the good spiritual world because you know what heavenly dreams are like and know how to distinguish them. Nevertheless, you are still besieged by nightmares and temptations. Psychologists call such dreams subconscious manifestations. And yet, you quickly forget them. They have nothing to do with dreams from God – lively, vivid, unexpected and unforgettable.

Don’t ignore revelations or dreams. The question is how to project them into our real lives and how to put them into action. You may dream of a couple of stags drinking water from a stream and admiring the distant mountains on a lovely spring day; this is an excellent sign. Something good is going to happen. Soon after the dream, a corresponding event will occur; such things do not happen by chance.