Mystical experience

Writing and etymology in Korean
신비적 체험
[sinbijeok cheheom]
神祕的 體驗
神 (신) – God, deity, spirit
祕 (비) – mysterious, secret
的 (적) – the ending
體 (체) – body
驗 (험) – investigate, test

The original cause cannot be found in the realm of cognition; it is learned through personal emotional experience. Any one of us who had a mystical experience will, sooner or later, begin to wonder about and seek the origin of the universe.

Experience precedes understanding, not the other way around. If we are freezing, we first feel the cold and only then realize that we are frozen. In the same way, since the Creator exists, we must feel His presence with every cell of our body.

We urgently need spiritual experience and practice on our way. If spiritual experience is the soul, then practice is the truth, and if the spiritual experience is considered the right hand, then practice can be called the left hand. If we combine perfectly spiritual experience and practice, we will become children of the Heavenly Parent, representing the whole Universe.

We require a faith that is based on experience and real feelings. Just as a husband gives his wife love and respect every day based on real life, the love of the Heavenly Parent and human love must come to an agreement based on real-life experience.

We will be able to fully claim to know the Creator only after we have experienced the reality of His existence in our lives through the five senses. In other words, we need to experience that He is real. Then we will naturally understand what His will is currently, and we will always be able to act in accordance with it.