Global village

Writing and etymology in Korean
地球 (지구) – Earth, the earth globe
村 (촌) – village

Today, the whole world can be covered in a day of a person’s life. The time has come when one can connect with any part of the globe instantly.

Everyone wants to live in a unified world across national boundaries. Such a desire is born in a hidden world of our heart. It can be found in the ideals and heart of a true man, and in the heart and hopes of the Heavenly Parent.

If people are left with such notions that I, my family and my country must be first, then we will not see globalization.

Human history is moving toward one world. So, anything that limits your goals to stay at a level of personal, family, tribal or national boundaries will disappear.

We need to expand the concept of “my country.” Although everyone has a homeland where they were born and have lived, in a broader sense, “my country” is the whole world created by our Heavenly Parent.

It appears that we have heard the term “global village” only recently. However, our world has always been a rather small place. If a person only dreams of graduating from university, finding a high-paying job, and leading a quiet and measured life, then all his accomplishments in life will be more insignificant. But if, for example, he dedicates his life to helping refugees in Africa, he will have great success. The path a person chooses depends on the level of development of his heart.

The New Millennium is a time for us to reject the remnants of strife and struggle left over from a past age, and to realize definitively the ideal of one family, that is the one global village which is, united in peace