Writing and etymology in Korean
共 (공) – common, together
鳴 (명) – to make a sound

If we hit one side of a tuning fork, it will start sending waves of a certain frequency into space, and if an object of the same frequency gets in its way, it will reflect those waves and send them in the opposite direction. This is resonance. Similarly, the soul and the body resonate at the frequency of love. Man is like a tuning fork. If love touches our soul, the body immediately responds. At what frequency should that resonate? The frequency of true love.

Meditation helps your soul to align itself horizontally, where you are no longer conscious of yourself. Self-awareness is formed by resonance; at this horizontal level, it can resonate with the frequencies of the vertical, subtle world.

In prayer, when you reach an elevated state, you will be able to communicate with your original soul, your deepest essence. Your prayer will resonate with your soul, and you will hear your soul voice. In this state, you will receive messages or warnings of what will happen in your daily life. Believers remember and even record these phenomena.

Resonance occurs when the frequency of the vibrations coincides. It is essential that your “internal person,” capable of living forever, and the “external person,” be able to resonate with each other based on love. When, in resonance, the sounds intertwine and resemble each other, the rotation begins. This rotation takes place around a certain center.

If you reach the state of resonance, you become one with the Creator and you can see thousands of years of human history passing before your eyes. And then you will really understand what an incredible value you have.