Necessity of God’s existence

Writing and etymology in Korean
신의 존재의 필요성
[sin-ui jonjaeui pil-yoseong]
神의 存在의 必要性
神 (신) [sin] – God
存在 (존재) [jonjaeui] – existence
必 (필) [pil] – certainly
要 (요) [yo] – importance
性 (성) [seong] – nature

The world is divided into two parts, and we are witnessing a world of good and a world of evil living side by side. The same phenomenon exists within human beings, in the division between soul and body.

If a human being was already created as a conflicted creature, then the Creator could also be called evil and imperfect. Looking at today’s reality, people can easily come to the conclusion that God simply does not exist. But if there is no God of good, then all the wonderful things that we talked about make no sense.

People in their imperfect state can only build theories about perfection or absolute goodness, since it is impossible to get close to them practically. If there is no God, then talking about an ideal world of love and unity is meaningless, since there is no basis for this.

But we cannot deny that the human soul is in search of eternal values and eternal incorruptible existence. She invariably strives for the highest state of perfection, beauty and ideal. Throughout history, debates between philosophers and religious people have concerned the best method for man to satisfy his inner desire for perfection.

Without the God of goodness, we will never find any solution to the problems of this world. Let’s say that we invented a god for ourselves. If the god we created is not real, then achieving the goal of perfection will be just a pipe dream. Therefore, God must exist, because without Him nothing has meaning. If there is a real, true God, we can find the right solution.

Let’s think in the other direction. Does only human need God, or does the Creator also need human? If He doesn’t need a person, then there is no point in us continuing our search.

Only through the joint efforts of God and humans we can hope to meet. If the Creator does not care about a human, then there is no hope, but in reality He also needs a human. This is another important truth.