Partners in love

Writing and etymology in Korean
사랑에서의 파트너
[saran-eseoui pateuneo]
愛에서의 파트너
愛에서의 [saran-eseoui] – in love
파트너 [pateuneo] – Partners

We see that in the Universe everything is organized in pairs: subjects and objects, plus and minus. Everything related to minerals, plants, animals and humans was created according to this system. The overall goal of pursuit is a relationship of true love.

What is most important and necessary for a person? It is not money, not power and not knowledge. More precious than life, more necessary than air and water is true love. Why is it precious and important to us?

Only love makes a man and a woman exchange glances, touch each other and own everything together. The desire to possess some value can arouse a spirit of competition between a man and a woman, but when they learn that this value is love, they will want to be co-owners of it and live in unity for each other.

Love cannot arise if a man and woman live separately. Therefore, a woman exists as an object of a man’s love, and a man exists as an object of a woman’s love.

Within the framework of the Universe, love cannot be experienced alone; it becomes possible only with a partner. For example, without children, parental love will not arise, since there is no subject of it. That is why God created the Universe and man as His partner and for the fulfillment of true love.

All types of love – children’s, siblings, marital, and parental – arise in the unity of subject and object. The union of love between subject and object cannot be separated. If you do this, love will collapse and disappear. This is why it is absurd to even talk about divorce.

The love that a man experiences does not come from himself, but from the woman. A woman also feels love that comes not from herself, but from a man – her partner. That is the subject of love is the partner. Therefore, we should value not only love, but also our partner in love. Feeling grateful to our partner, we must live for his sake